Maximum performance in such a little room

The Best Cool inside

Maximum results with minimum investment. Consumes only water and it makes no use of chemical coolants or emit gases into the atmosphere. Operates from 12 or 24 volt battery with low amperage draw. No fuel required.


  • Maximum cooling performance.
  • A Viesa that is not roof mounted.
  • Internal is inside your sleeper cab.
  • Optimizes cooling capacity since it is protected fromthe sun.
  • Operate day or night.
  • Truck engine ON or OFF anywhere, anytime.
  • Simple Design—Ecological system of evaporation.
  • No harmful gases, just add water.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • No fuel consumption.
  • Minimal battery consumption.
  • Minimal maintenance.

  • 8 speed fan.
  • Remote Control.
  • Low water sensor.
  • Automatic disconnection of water pump.
  • Safety switch OFF on low battery voltage.
  • Water warning light.
  • Protection system for short circuit or high voltage.
  • Automatic equipment shutdown due to low battery voltage.