Cool Comfort with A PLATINUM. The Ultimate Sleeper Cab Cooler.

Viesa Platinum is the most comfortable way of traveling and resting in your truck. A silent and economical system that assures you an ideal temperature at any time. Install a Platinum Viesa and enjoy the best weather every day of the year.

  • Automatic drying system of a evaporator..
  • Signal to change the evaporator
  • Voltage sensor in the battery terminal.
  • Full remote control LCD digital board, with command of all the functions. Symbol indication.
  • Clock and Alarm clock.
  • Auto ignition.
  • Auto switch off.
  • Aerodynamic exterior design.
  • Evaporating unit lid witb U.V, protection.
  • Adjustable upholstering
  • Equipment designed and manufactured according to EMC electromagnetic compatibility.
  • Air distributor vent for driver and co-driver, with hermetic closure.
  • Turbo fan with shielded engine and mounted on bearings.

More Feature
  • 8-speed turbo fan.
  • 32-litre water tank with pump cover
  • Fitting system of water tank which prevents damage to the cabin.
  • Anti-spill system with water return, which performs perfectly in any type of inclines
  • Water level sensor.
  • Water pump especially designed for ecological cooler.
  • Pump switch-off and signal due to low water level.
  • Short-circuit protection system in the pump and its connections.
  • Automatic equipment shutdown due to low battery voltage.
  • Protection system against high voltage.
  • Protection fuse in the general feeding cable. Protection against polarity inversion. Automatic equipment shutdown due to low battery voltage.

How it works