The first climate control equipment to operate with the engine stopped

VIESA is a totally ecological climate control system.
It cools the truck’s cabin, even with the engine stopped.

VIESA does not harm the engine.
Viesa uses its own self-contained motor, without the need for a compressor. Viesa uses its own self-contained motor, without the need for a compressor. Because it works with the engine stopped, it decreases wear and tear on the cylinders and other engine parts.

VIESA does not consume fuel.
The driver does not need to keep the engine running while resting in the cabin.

VIESA increases the mental and physical output of the driver.
It enables the driver to travel in comfortable conditions, avoiding fatigue and reducing the risk of accidents.

VIESA keeps the cabin cool on short stopovers.
Whether the driver needs to stop for a delivery, lunch or refuel the engine, Viesa will keep the cabin cool and comfortable without idling.

VIESA is completely ecological.
It only consumes water. During operation, it makes no use of internal combustion engines, nor does it use chemical coolants, emitting gases into the atmosphere. Thus, it does not contaminate the environment.


  • Bi-turbo shielded motor.
  • Air distributors with hermetic seals and independent diffusers for the driver and companion
  • Remote Control with full functionality for driver convenience.
  • Aerodynamic exterior design.
  • Control panel showing functions.
  • Pump with automatic cut-off in case of lack of water.
  • Upholstery cover which is completely versatile for all types of cabins.
  • Water filter to protect pump.
  • Protective system against short circuits in the pump and its connections.
  • Protective fuse in the main feeder cable.
  • Inverse polarity protection.
  • Maximum draw in 12 volt units: 8 amps.
  • Average water consumption: 1 to 2 litres per hour depending on the ambient humidity.