The sign of comfort

Original Eberspächer diesel heaters & domestic generators

Installed in Trucks to heat sleeper cabins. Its the most cost effective way to heat Trucks Cabs.

Comfortable warmth for the travelling home

The wilderness outside, first-class comfort inside with Eberspacher air and water heaters.

Extend your camping and outdoor season for as long as you want. Wherever you are and whatever the weather, your Eberspacher heater will keep the passenger compartment or saloon cosy and warm. Have fun in the snow or enjoy the first barbecue of Spring, when you get back to your “mobile home”

you can relax in a comfortable temperature – thanks to the optional remote control. An Eberspacher heater provides all the heat you need and ensures a pleasant sleeping climate in even the coldest of nights. You can’t get much more independent than that!

Eberspacher diesel fueled heaters independent and economical

The advantages of an Eberspacher diesel fueled heater at a glance:

  • Independent fuel supply from the vehicle’s own tank (no more problems with different types of bottles and connections as required for gas heaters)
  • Space saving installation even under the floor or in the engine bay, thus more storage space
  • Low electrical and fuel consumption & Low operation costs
  • Heating allowed world-wide in all motorhomes whilst travelling. No extra components needed.
  • Simple, comfortable operation
  • Pre-programming function and remote control
  • Service and maintenance-friendly design

The ideal combination: heat with diesel fuel, cook with gas.

You can cover the majority of your energy  needs from your own fuel tank and save a substantial amount of gas if you only use it for cooking.

  • Smaller gas bottles
  • Fewer bottle change
  • Less weight
  • More storage space


The Eberspacher COMBITRONIC has been developed using the latest technology to provide a complete heating solution for the motorhome owner.
Combining performance with innovation, the COMBITRONIC sets new standards for heat up times of the accommodation and domestic hot water.

The unique and flexible mounting options allows for either interior or exterior installation. This maximises vehicle design options while significantly increasing storage space.

The COMBITRONIC is a duel fuel system that can operate on either diesel fuel from the vehicles own tank, 240V mains hook up or a combination of both.


Standard Features

  • Electronic speed control with gentle adjustment, low noise and low power consumption
  • High capacity domestic hot water storage
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Diagnostic system
  • Low maintenance, easy to service
  • Can be operated whilst on the move
  • Diesel fuelled from the vehicle’s own tank
  • Impressive 3.5kW / 5kW heat output using diesel fuel
  • Mains immersion heater
  • Fast warm-up and hot water recovery time
  • Low fuel consumption

Additional Features for Deluxe Version

  • Additional 1.5kW / 1.8kW heat output using 240V
  • Automatic frost protection
  • Economy / Night time mode
  • Timer and alarm function
  • Digital control interface
  • On-screen temperature display


Eberspacher AIRTRONIC diesel air heater - cosy warmth during the day and night

The Eberspacher AIRTRONIC provides a level of performance and comfort that excels over all other heaters in its class.
With smooth controllability the AIRTRONIC D2 delivers an impressive 2.2kW of hot blown air automatically reducing as the heat rises with slow fan speed for quiet operation and fuel economy.
AIRTRONIC can also be operated whilst on the move so you and your passengers are kept warm for the whole journey.


  • Smooth, automatic room temperature control with temperature pre-set facility
  • Fully electronic microprocessor control
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Power stage to cut heating times
  • More comfort through wide control range, quiet night-time operation
  • Low fuel and power consumption, suitable for longer periods of operation
  • Fuel supplied from the vehicle’s own tank )
  • an function possible for Summer operation
  • Small and compact design for easy and space-saving installation in the saloon or even under the floor
  • Diagnostic system
  • Low noise operation
  • Low maintenance, easy to service
  • Can be operated whilst on the move

Original Eberspacher diesel heaters - simply first class comfort and operation!



Voltage volts
Heat Settings Power High Meduim Low Power High Meduim Low
Heat Flow Watts 2200 1800 1200 850 4000 3000 2000 900
Electrical power consumption Watts 34 22 12 8 40 24 13 7
Fuel Consumption l/h 0.28 0.23 0.15 0.10 0.51 0.38 0.25 0.11
Dimensions LxWxH mm 310 x 115 x 122 371 x 150 x 140
Weight Kg 2.7 4.5


Diesel model CT03M ACT05M
Voltage volts
max min max min
Heat output Blown Air Watts 3500 500 5000 800
Mains Element Heat Output Watts 1500 500 1800 600
Mains Hot Water Output Watts 1200 0 1200 0
Fuel Consumption l/h 0.62 0.11 0.62 0.10
Dimensions LxWxH mm 220 x 90 x 160 220 x 90 x 160
mm 520 x 240 x 240 520 x 240 x 240
mm 270 x 270 x 141 270 x 320 x 160
Weight Kg 20 22.5