Automatic Inflation System

The VIGIA NM143 system employs a Control Panel, which sits inside the vehicle, in plain view of the driver. High-pressure air lines run from the air supply tank to the Control Panel and out to the individual tires through the use of pipes and hoses mounted carefully under the vehicle. The NM143 Contol Panel has lights and gauges that display the calibrated pressure for all the tires on each axle. So, if the owner wants a different pressure for the tires on the Steer axle than on the Drive axle, it is easily accomplished. The different calibrated pressures will be shown on the panel.

If a leak develops, the yellow lights on the Control Panel will begin to flash, alerting the driver that a problem exists. In addition, the driver can view the movement of the gauges to determine the axle location and the severity of the leak.

If a catastrophic loss of air occurs, all of the gauges will drop to ZERO and the Red LED will illuminate. This means that the system has shut itself down for safety purposes. No tire other than the damaged one is affected. The vehicle’s brakes and suspension will operate normally. This is a built-in safety mechanism for the driver.


When all tires are properly pressurized, the Green LED is displayed. Once a leak develops, the Yellow LED will flash, indicating a leaking tire.

If there is a catastrophic loss of air in one or more of the tires, the Red LED will illuminate and the VIGIA system will shut itself down automatically, allowing full use of the vehicle’s pneumatic system. This makes it safe to use the brakes and suspension.
All VIGIA TIre Guardian Systems use Optoelectronic Sensors and Electric Valves. This ensures the quickest response time to filling a leaking tire with air. As an example, a tire that has lost all of its air, can inflate to 100 psi in less than 8 minutes. A tire that has lost 10 psi will return to its calibrated pressure in less than a minute.