The split system air conditioner you have been waiting for

Cool your Sleeper cab with refrigerated air conditioned comfort by ECOWIND. This unit has been specifically engineered for Australian Climate Conditions. Sleep in any place, any time with ECOWIND.

ECOWIND is the ultimate in climate control when you sleep! To help you sleep in comfort, you can adjust the cabin temperature to your desire between 17 – 23 oC for as long as you want.


  • Factory built by Lombardini
  • Super quite ssshhhhhhhh, operating at just 60dB… best on the market
  • Smart Battery Sensor—automatic continuous low battery recharge
  • Maximum refrigerated performance just like your split system at home
  • 7kw power punching out 13,000 btu
  • Available in 12v or 24v
  • Diesel powered – economical 0.7 litres / hour
  • 300 hours interval service
  • 300 hours interval service
  • Variable speed controller
  • Operates with its own Diesel engine
  • Full safety control devices
  • Very flexible application to suit your vehicle. Under 300mm
  • Warranty 12 month or 1000hrs



eco350Dimensions (L x H x W): 710 x 560 x 290mm
Lombardini Engine: 15LD 350S Diesel
Cylinders: 1
Alternator Nominal Voltage: 14/28
Current Out Max Ampere: 70/40
Compressor Refrigerating:  gasR-134a
Displacement: 349cc
Power: 3.5kW
Noise Level: 60dB
Weight: 109kg
condenserDimensions (L x H x W): 560 x 360 x 120mm
Weight: 6KG
Dimensions (L x H x W): 660 x 360 x 140mm
Cooling: 3.8kw (13,000 btu/hr)
Air flow: 120 – 600m3/hr
Noise level: <35dB
Batteries Recharge: Automatic
Weight: 10kg


Hour meter for regular service
Low gas pressure warning
Low oil pressure warning
Low oil temperature warning
Engine-off warning
Single cylinder diesel Lombardini engine
Automotive compressor
Automotive alternator

Eco 350 is supplied with a unit control which allows the user to set up the required temperature, the automatic recharge battery function and the ventilation intensity