VIGIA Tyre Pressure Systems Automatic – Tyre inflation systems –  Pump your profit automatically

VIGIA keeps tyre pressure automatically… even with a puncture!

Tyre pressure is maintained at a constant, pre-set, level while delivering instant, ongoing feedback to the driver. If a tyre requires inflation, the driver is alerted via gauges and lights, while the tyre is automatically re-inflated. Now you can concentrate on building your profits while reducing running costs.
Better tyre mileage
Improper inflation accounts for 80% of retread separations, cuts, bruises, flats and blowouts. Under inflation of only 5PSI reduces tyre life by a shocking 25%

Less down time

VIGIA virtually eliminates the need for costly road service calls and expensive down time. If a tyre has been punctured, VIGIA will continue to inflate that tyre and, at the same time, let the driver know what is happening. He is then aware of the situation and can continue on to his destination or plan to stop for service.

Better fuel economy

For every PSI of under inflation, your vehicle consumes 0.8% more fuel. Talk about giving your budget a boost!

Increased safety

Under inflated tyres is a major cause of truck accidents on Australian highways. Proper inflation is the most important requirement for maximum tyre safety. Correct tyre pressure provides proper sidewall flexing and safe operating temperatures for the tyres. Under inflation becomes an especially serious problem when the inside of the tyre of a set of duals begins losing pressure inside. In some cases, both tyres fail with very dangerous consequences. This system will completely remove the real risk of fatalaties caused by roadside tyre replacement!

True piece of mind for today’s competitive carrier

Worry-free performance in any weather

VIGIA is Australians tyre inflation specialist. Designed for durable, long haul performance, this system will eliminate tyre worries and most important no downtime hassles for the driver. Keeping you moving on Australia’s vast road network.


VIGIA offers different solutions to the trucking industry, including dedicated systems for truck-trailer combinations, trailer only systems and external or internal system connections. There is always a VIGIA system that meets your specific needs and budget.

Proven around the world

VIGIA’s high quality components are built to last. VIGIA is the tyre pressure system of choice for durability, safety and reliability. With more than 8 years in Australia and with sales in 20 countries around the world, VIGIA stands ready to handle the most strenuous demands in the toughest environments, again and again.

With the VIGIA system installed in your company’s units, you will gain as a minimum, 20% extra useful life for your tyres.

How come?

This happens thanks to the system which permanently monitors the tyres using the pressure standards recommended by their makers.

VIGIA also gives you an incredible advantage

It must have happened to you at some time that in the middle of the road you have had a tyre punctured. As a result you had to stop and change it. This is a loss of valuable time and brings about needless fatigue.

This is all part of history now, because if you have VIGIA on your units, when you do have a puncture you won’t have to stop. This is thanks to the system which instantly replaces the air in a way which is totally automatic, enabling you to continue on your journey without difficulties

What is VIGIA?

The VIGIA Constant Tyre Pressure System is a piece of equipment which continuously reports and automatically regulates the tyre pressure. It maintains the gauge pressure even with punctures and with the vehicle running.

Extra useful life for the tyres

VIGIA increases by a 20% (minimum) the useful life of the tyres, since it keeps their pressure always set at the value established by the maker.


When the pressure falls, by however small the amount, in one or more tyres, the VIGIA system reports the existence and location of the problem to the driver. At the same time the process of inflation commences instantly. This guarantees the maintenance of the adequate pressure, just as it was adjusted when the tyre was cold.

VIGIA has a double safety system

In the case of an air loss of extreme magnitude, such as a tire blow out, the equipment automatically cuts out. In this way it guarantees the normal operation of the other air-driven systems (brakes, suspension etc.).

The System

VIGIA is fed from the auxiliary air reservoir. The impurities are absorbed by a dedicated air filter, which guarantees maximum purity. Once the air is filtered, it reaches the control panel, from where it is re-distributed to the tyres.

With VIGIA it is unnecessary to check pressure, since the systems controls it better than any other instrument offered on the market.


  • Longer useful tyre life
  • Avoids unplanned stops on account of punctures
  • Reduces considerably tyre wear and tear.
  • Increases safety on the road
  • Improves the meeting of schedules
  • Assists productivity and image
  • Optimizes fuel consumption.